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 A Historical Hotel in the Heart of the Malt Whisky Trail

Our Story

The Eastbank Hotel is owned by Arthur and Maureen Humphreys who have run the hotel since 1989. The Eastbank building was originally built by The Rothes Lodge of Freemasons No-257 (now St John's Operative No-193) as the first Masonic Lodge in Rothes in 1793, which was then consecrated in 1795.

During World War 2, the Eastbank and the Glenrothes whisky distillery were commandeered by the army for barracks, officers’ quarters and map reading facilities.

In 2006, the Eastbank Hotel bought the Clydesdale Bank building which had been in the possession of the bank since 1879. The building was refurbished and now houses the Eastbank Hotel’s modern luxurious rooms.

The original bank vault and door remain in situ today. The door was purchased from Milners of Liverpool and London in 1857, and is still in its original colours and markings, and remains in full working order. The vault key is original and has the date 1857 stamped on it. The vault and door are a much talked about focal point of the hotel amongst many of our guests.


 Eastbank Hotel in Speyside and Rothes


If you would like to book the Burnside Suite at the Eastbank Hotel in Speyside, contact us on 01340 831 564 or at info@eastbankhotel.co.uk